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About Us

A peek at who we are…

Small House Productions is a client-focused media production company concentrating on the development of creative video, digital photography, websites and graphic design. We offer high quality, attention getting results that are designed to meet and achieve specific goals or target markets of each individual client.
Whether on location or in the studio, our highly-skilled and professional team will guide you through the development process from concept to reality. The Small House in-house production professionals are focused on your vision and will help you realize the goals of your project.
Small House is committed to providing premiere services for each and every client. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how our qualifications would best fit your needs.

Among the Best in Town!

Not to toot our horn, but, we take pride in what we do. Our dedicated staff and crew see every single project to completion in a manner that merits recognition. We have award winning and emmy nominated staff and crewmembers.

Creative Solutions

We don’t like to be the party of “NO”. Small House Productions honestly tries with each client to find alternatives that fit their needs for each and every individual project. No…is simply a last resort.

We Listen to your needs
We at Small House Productions understand everyone has a creative vision, but we also understand sometimes our vision is not what a client needs. So, we listen. We listen to what the client is asking for.  We like to do one on ones and walk you through a series of questions.  This is the best way to get at the heart of the project.  And finally, we offer sound, honest advice. Ultimately in the end, it is the clients decision based on our one-on-one discussion.

From Commercials to Television Productions

From Industrial work to television shows, Small House Productions is well equipped to deliver what you need. We’ve done commercials for clients such as AUDI, humanitarian videos for Major International Organizations such as the International Organization for Migration, institutional videos for the United States Health Department and even magazine style shows.


At Small House Productions, you won’t find “Button Pushers”. The level of skill goes beyond technical “know how”, in fact, it’s fair to say our people integrate their technical knowledge …with artistry. So you’ll never end up with a standard, generic, cookie-cutter product.

Why else use Small House?

Because! It’s the little things…that make us stand apart from everyone else. In addition to large projects, we also do weddings and videos memorializing loved ones and who’ve passed away and videos of pets that have passed away,  as well as commemorative gifts for family and friends of old video snippets put together for your enjoyment.

Quality Product
In our personal lives people say we are picky! And…yes we are. We make sure your final product is polished so you feel confident about using it in your endeavor or business.

Plus, we use quality broadcasting equipment and professional top of the line editing equipment.

Location! Location! Location!

We are located in the heart of Washington, DC just mere steps from the Capitol. We provide professional, on-location production, not only for the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, but also for out-of-town clients as well as production across the country and around the world.