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Small House Productions offer the latest and greatest in video production. We’ll take our award-winning production team anywhere, anytime.  So whether you’re looking for video production in the Washington, DC metropolitan area or you need video production in Miami or New York, we’ll accomodate you.

We excel at the high-end corporate videos for various Fortune 500 companies across the country, and government agencies and independent television programming.  Small House also offers services to those operating on a much more limited budget.  For example, many small business owners think they won’t be able to afford the quality video production and animation that their larger competitors frequent.  We know that every project has a budget, and we can make it work.

Corporate Videos
Corporate video communications cover a range of projects. From training videos to a message from the president, a corporate video can fill a variety of needs and positively contribute to your bottom line.  Small House Productions is a company with heavy experience in producing corporate videos.  With a small initial investment of your capital and time, SHP can and will deliver a product that perfectly and consistently conveys your key values, mission, and goals.  The powerful medium of corporate video allows you to concentrate on running your business, confident in the fact that your message is communicated with 100% accuracy, higher retention rates, and to an audience as broad as your imagination. From the boardroom to the living room to the world-wide web to the presentation screen, your message will be clear.
Whether you need a sales tool, corporate communications, effective training, or an employee morale video, Small House will closely work with you to develop your ideas and translate that vision to the screen.

Commercial Videos
Traditional “spot” advertising, is a powerful medium.
Small House Productions is experienced in TV commercial production. We can help you create compelling advertisements that get results. Whether you’re looking for attention grabbing flash, hard sells or soft sells, our award-winning team at Small House Productions will sit down with you or your representative to design a concept that makes sense for your commercial. We can act as a one-stop-shop, starting with a basic concept and following your spot all the way through delivery to your media outlet, or we will partner with your advertising agency to carry out their carefully crafted vision. Cutting edge or traditional, with SHP as your television commercial producer, the final product will convey your message clearly, match your current branding, and exceed your expectations.

Internet Videos
Online video is quickly becoming one of the newest trends in media. Small House Productions can help you keep up with this fast paced trend and stay ahead of your competition by using online video as part of your promotional strategy. We can help you create  online videos that help promote a more personal interaction between you and your customers and (or) potential customers.   SHP knows and understands online video production should not be treated as an after thought. The use of both visual effects and sounds when filming for an online video are just as important as when you create for television or DVD. In fact technology today allows for your online video source to be not only the same in broadcasting quality standards but almost better In today’s fast paced world! Many of our clients like the ability to demonstrate their product(s) or show detailed explanations, tutorials etc…which is sometimes harder to do in print.
In the end, a good video can be the best way to spread your message, product, or brand. Placing videos on search engines, and using strong keywords and taglines, is a successful way of getting video recognition.
 Small House Productions can help walk you through the development of your online video.

Small House Productions is located in the News hub of the United States, Washington, DC.  Our experience and understanding of journalism is the perfect complement to help you, your company, network or station cover anything or everything from Breaking News, to national press conferences.  SHP  has professional crew at hand to dispatch to cover news, even if you are miles away.     In addition to news, we can help you with develop a video news reel (VNR’s).

Television Shows

Do you have a television show idea?  Is there a “look” or style you want to achieve for your show?  Do you know the kind of content you want to offer.  Small House Productions can help you format a tv show concept.  We’ll  walk you through the entire process.  SHP has  experience producing tv shows ranging from pure entertainment to hard-core news shows.  We’re a recognized production company for our production and editing.   Small House Productions is an award-winning video production company because our staff members and our crew are not button pushers, they are professionals who not only understand television media and how it works….but also, artists.

Voice Overs

Commercial voice overs, radio voice overs and voice dubbing;  We work with talented people who offer a range of voice overs (English & Spanish) for any project.

Contact Small House Productions to discuss your production needs and to receive a quote! 240-252-3232